Thursday, January 5, 2012

12 Extend with Festering Strike

Last time we talked about spec’ing 2 points into Epidemic to increase your disease duration to 29 seconds. But what if you can’t spec 2 points into Epidemic? What if you need to bring Abominations Might to the fight or if you need to be a designated interrupter?

Festering Strike can fill the gap, especially at the start of a fight. With only 1 point in Epidemic, a Festering Strike extends the total duration of your diseases to 30 seconds, but be aware – nothing comes for free. Festering Strike will cost you a Blood and Frost Rune, which will starve you of a Death Strike for the duration of the Frost Rune cooldown.

Next time, we’ll talk about adding Blood Tap to the combination to convert a Blood Rune into a Death Rune and get back that missing Death Strike.

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